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Polk City, Iowa

Metro Waste Authority Comingle Survey

by jgschreier 4/13/2016

The City of Polk City would like your input about a possible change that would allow yard waste to be collected with garbage. 

The City of Polk City is a member community of the Metro Waste Authority and offers their Compost It! program for residential yard waste collection.  Yard waste is collected from April through November each year.  Currently, yard waste must be bagged in a Compost It! bag or a store brand yard waste bag with a Compost It! sticker attached in order for it to be collected.

Recently, the Metro Waste Authority presented information to Polk City’s City Council on the opportunity to consider changing the way yard waste is collected from the curb. It recently became legal for our local landfill to accept yard waste since the landfill has a methane collection system that generates electricity from the collected methane. Now, the City must decide if yard waste should be allowed to be comingled with garbage. Detailed information on the background, environmental impact and financial comparison for the potential change is available in this presentation provided to the City of Polk City.  Also, the Metro Waste Authority provided a worksheet that allows homeowners to evaluate what the change could mean to them, depending on the amount of yard waste they have annually. Polk City's collected garbage ultimately ends up in a Metro Waste Authority Landfill, regardless of who the local garbage hauler is. Price will impact residents slightly differently depending on which local garbage hauler they hire to collect their garbage.

Polk City’s City Council would like your feedback on whether yard waste collection should remain separate through the Compost It! program or change to comingled collection with regular garbage service. Please complete this survey to share your opinion.

There is important information provided in the Metro Waste Authority presentation noted above and residents are encouraged to view it prior to providing feedback.  The City will collect responses from residents through May 15th, after which the City Council will convey their feedback to the Metro Waste Authority's Board of Directors.

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Comments (4) -

April 14. 2016 08:14

Robert Schultz

I clicked on the "presentation" and viewed it. I clicked on the "worksheet" and viewed it.
I then clicked on the "survey" and I got a message "you have already taken the survey".

What? Looking at the presentation and looking at the worksheet equates to taking the survey?
I don't think so.

I would like to see the survey.

Robert Schultz

April 14. 2016 16:36

Chelsea Reis

I also got the already take this survey after clicking on survey... I also have a question we already have yard waste collection here in Polk city so what would happen to that as that is free to dispose of and to my knowledge that yard waste gets used for mulch etc for the city. Would there be a cost to the city for having to buy mulch etc?

Chelsea Reis

April 14. 2016 19:00

City of Polk City

Thank you for alerting us to the malfunctioning survey link.  We have fixed this issue and the survey link is now operational. Great questions Chelsea! No the City will not be closing the City yard waste center nor will they be charging for the mulch provided there.  The comingling service that could be provided would be offered as an additional service available to all City residents.  

City of Polk City

May 14. 2016 08:50


i use the polk city waste center and it benefits our city directly,and  I'm satisfied with it.


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