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Polk City, Iowa

Franchise Fee on electric and gas utilities

by City Hall 2/11/2020

The City of Polk City has initiated a 1% franchise fee on the electric and natural gas utilities. This change will replace the current 1% Local Option Sales Tax that is currently being charged to residents.  The main reason for this change is to reallocate the dollars collected from the 1% LOST fee which are disbursed among all LOST participating cities and to instead collect a 1% franchise fee where all of the revenue will stay in Polk City.  It is in the best interest of the City and its residents to change from LOST to the franchise fee to capture all of the funds collected on the utility bills instead of just a portion of them.  This change will be reflected on your MidAmerican and/or Midland Power bills beginning March 1st and should not reflect any change to the amount charged as it will still be at the same 1% rate. 


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City Hall
112 3rd Street
PO Box 426
Polk City, IA 50226

Phone: (515) 984-6233

Fax: (515) 984-6177

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