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Polk City, Iowa

Water & Sewer Rate Increases

by jgschreier 5/22/2015

In order to keep the citizens up to date with ongoing utility developments, it was felt that an update to the reasons Polk City is increasing the water and sewer rates would be helpful. The Mayor and City Council are in the process of approving Ordinance No. 2015-400 to increase the City’s current water and sewer rates in order to help sustain our City’s growing water and sewer infrastructure.  The water and sewer rate increase is currently in its second reading with the third reading being held on May 26th at the regularly scheduled City Council Meeting.

Water Rates
Water is a little confusing as there are two parts to the water bill, but the first usage up to 1000 gallons is at a higher rate; and the remaining rate is based on the number of gallons used after the first 1000 gallons. The chart below explains the increase and is in the format of rate per 1000 gallons:

Rate Old Rate 5% Increase New Rate
First 1000 $8.95 $ .45 $9.40 (minimum bill)
All over 1000 $3.57 $ .18 $3.75 per 1,000 gallons

Utilizing the average family in Polk City, with a usage of 5000 gallons of water per month, this proposed rate increase would have the impact of a monthly bill of $24.40, or an increase of $1.17. The old rate would have resulted in a charge of $23.23. (New rate – $3.75 x 4 + $9.40 = $24.40) (Old rate - $3.57 x 4 + $8.95 = $23.23) Remember in this example there is 1000 gallons figured into the first rate, thus resulting in a multiplication factor of only 4.

An irrigation/garden rate has been added for irrigation meters. These meters are separate from the domestic meter and are used solely for irrigation/gardening purposes and will only be charged to residents that have and use their irrigation/garden meter. This rate is displayed below:

Gallons Used per Month Rate
All usage/1000 gallons $4.50 (minimum bill)

The irrigation/garden rate is a straight rate, meaning that for every 1000 gallons of water a resident uses that a $4.50 charge will be applied to their utility bill. If a resident doesn’t utilize their irrigation/garden meter then they will receive no utility bill for that meter. The minimum bill is applied to any use up and equal to 1000 gallons of use. This means that if a resident used 650 gallons of water that they would be charged the minimum of $4.50.

Sanitary Sewer Rates
Sewer is a straight forward increase of 10%. There are two components of the sewer rate; the first is called a service availability charge. This charge is for the sewer to go by your property and the regular maintenance of the city owned sewer lines. The second part of the monthly charge is the usage fee. This is based on the number of gallons of water used. The fee is per 1000 gallons.

Service Current Fee Increase of 10% New Rate
Availability Charge $9.79 $ .98 $ 10.77
Usage Fee $3.69 $ .37 $ 4.06

An average a family of four would use in the neighborhood of 5,000 gallons, this increase would have a monthly impact of a sewer bill of $31.07, an increase of $2.83. The old rate would have resulted in a charge of $28.24. (New rate – $4.06 x 5 + 10.77 = $31.07) (Old rate - $3.69 x 5 + $9.79 = $28.24)

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact Polk City City Hall at (515) 984-6233.

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