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Polk City, Iowa

UPDATE: Polk City Works to Improve NW Polk City Drive/Highway 415 Safety

by jgschreier 6/18/2015


In 2013 the City of Polk City requested a Traffic Engineering Assistance Program (TEAP) to perform a study to analyze what options the City had to make the southern entrance to the City on NW Polk City Drive (also known as: Highway 415, S 3rd Street) safer.  The panel, which was led by Andy Swisher and H.R. Green presented their results to the Mayor and City Council in May of 2014.

The study contained several recommendations, one of which was to extend street lighting along NW Polk City Drive from Davis Street to McBride Drive (entrance to Sandpiper Recreation Area) to better alert incoming traffic of the urban setting, increase visibility at night, and to help increase awareness of the posted City speed limits.  Seeing the immediate benefit of increasing the safety of this stretch of road, the Mayor and City Council directed City staff to proceed on this project by collecting the various permits needed.

The NW Polk City Drive street lighting project will consist of upgrading and replacing five existing poles with 250 watt lighting north of W Bridge Road, adding 250 watt lighting to four existing poles north of W Bridge Road, and installing seventeen new thirty foot tall wood poles with 250 watt lighting south of W Bridge Road.

MidAmerican Energy Company completed this portion of the proposed safety improvements in February, 2015.

One of the other safety improvements that the TEAP study recommended was to install a fixed speed radar sign on the northbound lane of NW Polk City Drive near the intersection of McBride Drive.  This improvement has been installed by the City and will operational within the next week.

If you have any questions or concerns about this project please contact City Hall at (515) 984-6233.

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Comments (2) -

April 21. 2015 13:55

Sandy Noble

Has there been any consideration given to adding a flashing pedistrian light on Highway 415 where pedistrians cross back and forth to the bike trails?

Thank you,
Sandy Noble

Sandy Noble

April 21. 2015 16:04

City of Polk City

Great question Sandy!  The City is currently investigating its options for the crosswalk located at NW Polk City Drive and East Southside Drive.  Adding a flashing pedestrian sign to the crosswalk was one recommendation from a recent study that was performed in the area.

City of Polk City

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