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Polk City, Iowa

Neighborhood Citizen Group Representatives

by jgschreier 5/6/2016

The City of Polk City is currently looking for residents interested in providing a voice for their community by becoming a Neighborhood Citizen Group Representative (NCGR).  NCGRs serve as a sounding board and vehicle for submitting input to City Council on areas affecting your neighborhood and the City.  Further details concerning the open NCGR positions including responsibilities, term length, and district information can all be found below.  Interested applicants can apply by sending a Letter of Interest to apply@polkcityia.gov

Neighborhood Citizen Group (NCG)

Premise:  A neighborhood based group of citizens willing to reach out to their neighbors to obtain input and consensus on areas affecting their neighborhood and the city as a whole.  The intent is to allow a platform for different opinions without resorting to agendas. 

Role of NCG Members:  Deliver ideas from the different areas making up the group to the City Council.  The neighborhood representative will need to be speaking on behalf of his or her neighbors and able to represent a cross section of the community in representing their neighborhood in periodic summary reports to the City Council.

Neighborhood Areas:  It is envisioned that this NCG will be made up of seven (7) members representing neighborhoods as later defined.  The City Liaison will call the meetings on at least a quarterly basis.  The City Liaison will not be one of the seven members but will act as Chair.  A City Council member will act as the Council Liaison to this group.  The make-up will be from six (6) districts, (see attached map) and one (1) from the Chamber. 

Term:  Term of office will be two (2) years, with no restriction on term limits.  The NCG members will be governed under the City’s rules on absenteeism.  They will be expected to attend a suggested format of quarterly meetings.  One (1) member from the NCG should be in attendance at each of the Council Meetings in a rotation manner.  The group will report subjects of concern and discussion within their neighborhood area.

Appointment:  Current City Boards, Commission, Council, Mayor and City Liaison are encouraged to supply candidates for the appointment of this group.  Those interested need to supply a letter of interest to City Hall or any member of City Boards, Commission, Council, Mayor or the City Liaison. 

Districts:  The districts will be based as closely as possible to populations and geographic regions.  As the City grows the districts may change boundaries to accommodate such growth.  Current districts can be found here.

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Comments (1) -

May 6. 2016 13:36

Robert Schultz

Great idea!

Robert Schultz

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