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Polk City, Iowa

Phillip Jensen Receives the 2015 Iowa Urban Forestry Outstanding Volunteer Award

by jgschreier 4/10/2015

Phil Jensen is one of the founding members of The Polk City Arbor League.  Twenty two years ago Phil expressed his interest in helping to form a tree planting group in Polk City.  Phil lives just outside the City limits where he takes care of his own acreage and trees.

His passion for horticulture spilled over into the City of Polk City from the beginning; as he has attended and helped with virtually every tree planting project in town.  Phil has a strong horticulture background that has been invaluable to the City.  He played a crucial role in the planning and planting projects at the Polk City Sports Complex, Kiwanis All Seasons Park, the City’s Town Square, Leonard Park, the Polk City Public Library, and the West Elementary School.  With Phil’s help, the Polk City Arbor League has planted hundreds of trees throughout Polk City.  An example of his work includes Arbor Day plantings he helps perform every year at the local elementary school.

On top being a proficient planter, Phil is a highly experienced tree pruner and has donated hundreds of hours of his time to help maintain all of the trees planted by the Arbor League within Polk City.  As an added bonus Phil is ambidextrous which has allowed him to truly master his craft by being able to wield and use pruners in each hand at the same time, giving him an incredible advantage when it comes to his pruning abilities. 

Phil is also one of the founding members of the Central Iowa Arbor Society and has helped with the Spring and Fall tree sales every year since its inception nearly 20 years ago.

On 4/9/2015 Phil Jensen received the 2015 Iowa Urban Forestry Outstanding Volunteer Award from the Iowa Urban Tree Council.  The City of Polk City would like to thank Phillip Jensen for all of his years of dedicated service and congratulate him on receiving the 2015 Iowa Urban Forestry Outstanding Volunteer Award!

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