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Polk City, Iowa



Contact Address Phone
Polk City Water Dept 112 3rd Street,
P.O. Box 426
Polk City, Iowa 50226


Q: How do I get water service turned on?

A: To start, stop or change water and sewer utilities contact City Hall.  A $100 deposit is required to start service, but if you would like to set up an automatic payment of your water bill the deposit is waived.  The Authorization Form for direct payment can be downloaded here, or obtained at City Hall.

Q: Can I pay a City bill online?

A: Polk City, Iowa now accepts payments online! Click here for this one time payment method only.  To set up recurring payments please use the ACH option.

Additional Information
$100.00 Meter Deposit Required (waived with automatic payment).
Water bills can be put in the letter drop box located at corner of 3rd. and Van Dorn Streets. If you would like to set up an automatic payment of your water bill, please download and complete the Authorization for Direct Payment and submit it at City Hall. Your payments will then be automatically deducted from your bank account on the due date indicated on the water bill.

Find out about Polk City's water & sewer line repair plans offered through Polk City's partnership with HomeServe USA.


Contact Address Phone
CenturyLink, Inc. 925 High Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50309



225 S. Dayton Avenue
Ames, Iowa 50010-6499


Post Office

Contact Address Phone
Postmaster 302 N. 3rd St
Polk City, Iowa 50226


Contact Address Phone
Mediacom 225 S. Dayton Avenue
Ames, Iowa 50010-6499
HughesNet HughesNet Iowa  
DIRECTV DIRECTV 877-423-3403

Gas & Electric

Contact Address Phone
MidAmerican Energy Company 500 E Court
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Midland Coop   800-833-8876

Trash Collection

Contact Phone
Ankeny Sanitation 515-964-5229
Aspen Waste Systems, Inc. 515-974-1400
Walter’s Boone 515-432-2866
Waste Connections 515-265-7374
Waste Management of Iowa 515-265-5267

Recycling Curb-It

Contact City Hall to request a Curb-it Cart. It is picked up at no cost to you every other Friday morning by Metro Waste Authority.

City Recycle Center - 409 East Northside Drive
Open Monday - Sunday from 7AM - 7PM

  • Recyclables
    The recyclables section is open to everyone and handles cardboard & mixed paper, plastic bottles, and tin cans.  This area is funded by the Metro Waste Authority.

  • Yard Waste
    Only Polk City residents (which are residents that live within Polk City’s City limits and have Polk City utility services) can use the yard waste side of the recycle center.  Disposal of routine maintenance items such as grass clippings, leaves, tree trimmings and organic landscaping waste can all be done here.  This area is provided and monitored by the City of Polk City and is funded by local taxes.

Compost IT! also available

Polk City’s Metro Waste Authority Webpage
Bags and Stickers Program

Contact City Hall

112 3rd Street
PO Box 426
Polk City, IA 50226


Phone: 515-984-6233
Fax: 515-984-6177

Friends of Polk City

  • Polk City Development Corporation
  • Wolf Creek Technology Web Design
  • North Polk School District
  • Polk City Community Foundation
  • Polk City Chamber of Commerce
  • Big Creek Historical Society
  • Polk City Square
  • Polk City Fire Department

Contact Info

City Hall
112 3rd Street
PO Box 426
Polk City, IA 50226

Phone: (515) 984-6233

Fax: (515) 984-6177

Email Us

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