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Polk City, Iowa

Peddlers Permit

Door-to-Door or Public Solicitation

All peddlers, solicitors, and transient merchants must obtain a Peddler's Permit from City Hall. The definitions of peddlers, solicitors, and transient merchants as defined by the City of Polk City are:

  1. "Peddler" means any person carrying goods or merchandise who sells or offers for sale for immediate delivery such goods or merchandise from house to house or upon the public street.
  2. "Solicitor" means any person who solicits or attempts to solicit from house to house or upon the public street any contribution or donation or any order for goods, services, subscriptions or merchandise to be delivered at the future date.
  3. "Transient merchant" means any person who engages in a temporary or itinerant merchandising business and in the course of such business hires, leases or occupies any building or structure whatsoever, or who operates out of a vehicle which is parked anywhere within the City limits. Temporary association with a local merchant, dealer, trader or auctioneer, or conduct of such transient business in connection with, as a part of, or in the name of any local merchant, dealer, trader or auctioneer does not exempt any person from being considered a transient merchant.  

The purpose of a Peddler's Permit is to protect residents against fraud, unfair competition, and intrusion into the privacy of their homes.  If approved, each solicitor is required to keep their permit in their possession at all times while conducting business in Polk City and be able to produce the license upon the request of prospective customers.

Residents who encounter unlicensed solicitors are encouraged to fill a report with the Polk City Police Department at (515) 984-6565.

Application Details

The Peddler's Permit Application can be found below.  Submit completed forms any time between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in-person to:

City of Polk City
112 3rd Street
Polk City, IA 50226

Peddler’s Permit Application

Currently Licensed Solicitors in Polk City

The following is a list of vendors currently licensed to solicit in Polk City. If a solicitor who is not on this list attempts to conduct business with you and fails to produce a valid solicitor's permit, please contact the Polk City Police Department's non-emergency number at (515) 984-6565 to file a report.

 Emily Baker  Kona Ice  11.25.2020



If you have any questions concerning Polk City's Peddler's Permit process, please contact City Hall at (515) 984-6233.

Contact City Hall

112 3rd Street
PO Box 426
Polk City, IA 50226


Phone: 515-984-6233
Fax: 515-984-6177

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Contact Info

City Hall
112 3rd Street
PO Box 426
Polk City, IA 50226

Phone: (515) 984-6233

Fax: (515) 984-6177

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