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lnterim Police Chief Appointed to Polk City Police Department

by Jake Schreier 10/9/2015

POLK CITY, IOWA -- Polk City Mayor Jason Morse announces the appointment of Roger Sanders as interim police chief of the Polk City Police Department. The appointment of Sanders follows the retirement of long-time Police Chief Mark Bowersox. "It's tough to lose the expertise of someone like Chief Bowersox after so many years of dedicated service as he has been a valuable a... [More]

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    Welcome to PolkCityIA.gov!

    by Jason Morse 11/13/2014

    PolkCityIA.gov Website
    Welcome to Polk City and the new www.polkcityia.gov!  After several months of hard work and dedication to releasing a quality product, we are very excited to share our new website with the world! We are still a small town at heart but as our community continues to grow and flourish, we need the ability to quickly and accurately share information.  This includes ... [More]
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  • Administrator UPDATES

    New City Website!

    by Gary Mahannah 9/18/2014

    Polk City Iowa Logo
    As Polk City continues to grow, its residents look toward the Polk City government to be an extension of the community.  It is with that in mind that Polk City is glad to unveil our new web page that we have designed to be more accessible and easier than ever to navigate.  Full of up-to-date events, announcements, and information we hope that this resource will ... [More]

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Planning & Zoning Meeting
The Polk City Iowa Planning and Zoning meetings are held in the Council Chambers at City Hall, 112 3...
2015 Polk City Fall Festival
Polk City's 2015 Fall Festival is October 24 from 11 AM to 3 PM at the Polk City Fire Station and wi...
City Council Meeting



Jason Morse
Term: Four Years - Expires 12-31-2017

Council Member

Ron Anderson
Term: Four Years - Expires 12-31-2015

Council Member

Dave Dvorak
Term: Four Years - Expires 12-31-2015

Council Member

Dan Lane
Term: Four Years - Expires 12-31-2017

Council Member

Robert Mordini
Term: Four Years - Expires 12-31-2017

Council Member

Rob Sarchet
Term: Four Years - Expires 12-31-2015


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